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Since all new guest arrivals are greeted with key cards and key packets jointly in-hand, it makes perfect sense to buy them that way too!

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Supply Multiplicity & Synchronous Delivery

While RFID Hotel specializes in the production of RFID key cards and credentials for hotels, key packets go hand-in-hand (pun intended) with key cards as one of the most prominent and influential touchpoints in hospitality. Clearly, two distinct product categories of equal importance - both worthy of the best craftsmanship in the industry and deserving of their placement in RFID Hotel's product lineup.

Same-Day Shipping

Just like all franchise brand standard key cards - our inventory of brand standard key packets is virtually endless.

Folded & Ready to Use

Say goodbye to spending countless hours folding your own key packets, because we've already done that for you.

Brand Standard

Built to your brand standard specifications and available in most (if not all) membership color tiers available.


We are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to answer your questions, address your needs, and help you place your order.

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