RFID Hotel and ID&C Enhances Strategic Collaboration with Vingcard for RFID Credentials in US and Canada

Providers approved to supply RFID credentials for Vingcard Locks


[Florida xx, 2024] – Avery Products Corporation is thrilled to announce an expansion of a strategic collaboration between its hospitality-focused businesses, RFID Hotel and ID&C, and Vingcard an ASSA ABLOY company. This collaboration cements Avery as an approved vendor within the US and Canada for RFID credentials, including key cards and wristbands, enhancing the convenience, security, and access control solutions for the hospitality industry.

Vingcard, hospitality’s leading provider of hotel access solutions has now accredited Florida-based businesses ID&C and RFID Hotel as approved vendors of RFID cards and wristbands. RFID wearables have gained immense popularity within the hospitality sector for their ease of use, offering guests and staff convenient access to hotel rooms, amenities, and even payment options for food and beverages.

Based in Florida, both ID&C and RFID Hotel are subsidiaries of Avery Products Corporation specializing in crafting customized RFID cards and wristbands embedded with microchips programmed by hotels to unlock doors and access various facilities. RFID access control has become a standard in the industry, surpassing the less secure magnetic strip technology for door locks in hotels.

Craig Bennett, General Manager of ID&C and RFID Hotel, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, saying, “RFID has become ubiquitous for access control at hotels and resorts, offering cutting-edge security and ease-of-use. With a number of fast-paced technological changes in the industry, we are excited for this partnership to enhance the experience for our shared customers.”

RFID keys and wristbands are utilized by hotel brands such as Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt. Both ID&C and RFID Hotel have the capability to encode Vingcard’s proprietary licenses directly onto its RFID credentials, a process performed at its facilities in Tampa and Bradenton, Florida.

 George Winker, VP of Sales at Vingcard commented, “Providing our customers with the latest in security technology is a top priority alongside our goal of ensuring that properties have the flexibility needed to adapt solution offerings according to specific business needs. We look forward to passing on the benefits of this expanded collaboration to hoteliers as they aim to better tailor experiences in line with the evolving preferences of today’s guests.”  

For more information about Avery Products Corporation, RFID Hotel, and ID&C, please visit www.avery.com, www.rfidhotel.com, and www.idcband.com.

About ID&C:

ID&C, a division of Avery Products Corporation and CCL Industries Inc., is a leading provider of RFID credentials to the hospitality, events, and entertainment sectors. With a history spanning over two decades, ID&C continues to innovate in the field of access control and identification solutions.

ID&C is a global leader in custom wristbands, badges & lanyards. We work with the world’s leading hotels, sports and festivals to create access control solutions that improve security, operations and customer experience.

ID&C is pioneering the use of custom RFID wristbands that help guests access rooms, amenities and even pay for food and beverages. For hotel operators, RFID wristbands can increase spend-per-head, reduce costs and improve security and convenience for staff and guests.

About RFID Hotel:

RFID Hotel is a hospitality-focused business under Avery Products Corporation, specializing in providing cutting-edge RFID access control solutions to the hotel industry. With a focus on security and convenience, RFID Hotel helps hotels enhance guest experiences while ensuring their safety.

About Vingcard

Vingcard is a leading provider of security access solutions and other advanced technologies designed for the evolving needs of the hospitality, off-site student accommodations and build to rent industries. With a commitment to serving as the industry’s trusted partner for enhanced security, Vingcard’s comprehensive range of integrated solutions are designed to ensure safer, more adaptive business operations able to deliver enhanced efficiency and end-user satisfaction. Vingcard, Your trusted partner for enhanced security.

Vingcard is part of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, which provides safe and sustainable cutting-edge technology solutions for physical and digital access management control. As a full solutions provider, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is part of the wider ASSA ABLOY Group. Being a global leader in access solutions, the Group operates worldwide with 61,000 employees and holds leading positions in areas such as efficient door opening, trusted identities, and entrance automation.

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