Eco-friendly RFID Key Cards by RFID Hotel!

RFID Hotel is excited to unveil the newest members of its product line, offering sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic key cards.

Reducing Plastic Waste, One Card at a Time

RFID Hotel, a trusted provider of RFID key cards for the hospitality industry, acknowledges the shift towards eco-friendly products by hoteliers to reduce their carbon footprint and meet guest demands for sustainability. Supporting this trend, RFID Hotel is excited to launch our Eco Key Card range, our newest step towards meeting the industry’s sustainability goals.

Paper Key Cards For Hotels

If you’re committed to minimizing your environmental footprint, consider our innovative solution. Our eco-friendly paper RFID keycards are specifically designed for hotels and resorts looking to ruduce plastic use. These keycards offer a sustainable alternative without compromising on functionality or convenience, making them the perfect choice for environmentally conscious organizations aiming for plastic reduction.

Wooden Key Cards For Hotels

Looking for a boutique, eco-friendly alternative to the conventional plastic key cards? Consider our custom wooden key cards as the perfect solution. These key cards are not only sustainable but also offer a touch of elegance and durability. You can personalize them to fit your brand or personal style with options for durable printing on one or both sides, precise laser engraving, or even adding a touch of luxury with exquisite foil detailing. Perfect for hotels, resorts, or any business looking to make an environmentally friendly choice without compromising on design and functionality!

Fully Compatible
Door Lock Technology

Our Eco Key Cards, much like their traditional PVC counterparts, are equipped with high-quality HF (13.56MHz) RFID chips, ensuring full compatibility with leading electronic locking systems. This includes brands such as Saflok, MIWA, Onity, Ilco, Assa Abloy ving card, among many others.

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Compatible with all RFID Door Lock Systems

Assa Abloy






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